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trading & selling

One of the often overlooked benefits of owning a rug is that it can be traded or exchanged. Since these quality rugs are more than carpet and represent a financial investment, your current rug can be used as payment for a new rug! Imagine if you had the freedom to exchange your current carpet and furniture every time you decided to redecorate. With a fine rug you have this option.

If you have a quality rug that you no longer use or no longer matches your d├ęcor contact Rugs of Nations to discuss trading or selling your existing rug. We offer full rug appraisal services so that your rug will bring a competitive price for either exchange or sale. Also, if your goal is not to purchase a new rug but rather to obtain the maximum value for your investment Rugs of Nations is your trusted source for selling your fine rugs. We know the market and would be happy to discuss your options.

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