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safe storage

The best location for the storage of your new or antique Oriental or Persian rug, French Aubusson, or French Tapestry is a conditioned or climate controlled space with low relative humidity and window coverings to block out any natural lighting sources. If you do not have an extra room, rugs can be stored vertically (loosely rolled) in a closet. Avoid attics and basements if they are not climate controlled. Constant temperature variations and changes in the relative humidity can damage and shorten the life of your fine rug.

rug storage tips

  • When storing a new or antique area rug it's best to loosely roll the rug to allow for air flow. Never fold a rug for short or long-term storage, as permanent creases may form leading to costly repairs.
  • We strongly suggest rolling an area rug with the pile facing in. First, lay the rug face up and roll the pile inward going away from you. Never wrap a rug in plastic as it can lead to complications with mildew.
  • Museums always wrap rugs in polyurethane instead of cotton or muslin. Polyurethane provides a superior barrier against dampness and insects compared to both muslin and cotton.
  • If you live in a climate with high or seasonally-high humidity, make sure that you allow for plenty of air circulation (don’t roll the rug too tight) to prevent the onset of mildew. Using ceiling or floor fans can increase air circulation and slow or prevent the onset of mildew during periods of high relative humidity.