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rug appraisal

Rugs of Nations offers comprehensive appraisal services for your Oriental and Persian rugs, French Aubusson, and Tapestries. Each item is evaluated under four categories: quality, size, age, and condition.

The quality of the rug is determined by the intricacy and clarity of the rugs design, the richness of its colors, and the number of knots per square inch.

The rugs size plays a large part in its collectability and therefore its value. Smaller rugs are regularly sought after by collectors because they can easily be displayed and stored. Room sized fine rugs (8’x10’, 9’x12’, and 14’x18’) are also collectables and in great demand. Rugs larger than 14’x18’ may lack the collectability of some of their smaller counterparts.

Determining the age of your rug is the most significant factor to determining the value of your rug. Fine rugs are still being hand made today. However, the value of a contemporary rug simplify does not compare to the value of a genuine antique rug. The most sought after Oriental rugs are those produce in the 19th century. A skilled appraiser can determine the age of your rug by its patterned design and condition.

All antique Oriental rugs will have some signs of wear. This is common and, depending upon the wear, may not be a detriment to your rugs value. Valuable rugs can be repaired and restored to their original value by skilled weavers. Repairing frayed borders and edging is one of the most practical ways to restore your rugs value.

Rugs of Nations can provide you with a thorough appraisal of your existing rugs for insurance claims and scheduling, estate sales, independent rug sales, or a variety of other reason. We offer free consultations. For additional details, contact us at: